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We Hit Peak MACtion Tonight With A Wild Ending In WMU-Toledo

Tonight's game of the night was Toledo-WMU in the MAC. These two programs are usually at the top of the conference and they got the main ESPN spot at 8 PM.

Not that the first 55 minutes or so were disappointing, but boy did the last 5 minutes bring us the #MACtion we wanted.

Late in the 4th, Toledo went for it on 4th & 11. I would assume the decision to go for it was due to the lack of faith in their kicker, who missed a kick earlier in the quarter (it was blocked, but the launch angle on it was truly awful).

The play somehow ended in a broken 1st down marker and a 1st down for Toledo.

A broken 1st down marker being what determined the biggest play of the game (up to that point) was perfectly MACtion. Why complain, when you can just appreciate the imperfection of MACtion.

Toledo went onto score on the next play. WMU got the ball back, down 10, and scored.....but MISSED the extra point. It was 38-34. They then got the onside kick.

There was a flag thrown on the play as there was some confusion over if the kick was "legal." The play was also reviewed for illegal touching. Luckily for WMU neither stopped them from getting the ball back.

Thanks to some awful prevent defense by Toledo, WMU found themselves in the redzone with 20 seconds left on the clock. They were going to spike the ball with 19 seconds left and then run their best 3-4 plays to win the game.....until their QB noticed one of their WRs was WIDE OPEN:


Western Michigan held on to win after a few heaves from Toledo with under 20 seconds to go. This is why we #MACtion, baby! This is what we fought for during those summer months when they said college football wasn't going to happen.