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Is Competitive Butchery The Sport Of The Future?

Pickleball currently claims itself to be the world's fastest growing sport. And I think they certainly have a rightful claim to that throne. It's why I mentioned it as the official sport of the future a couple of months ago. 

But after some further research (i.e. falling down a bunch of YouTube rabbit holes), I have discovered that there is another sport out there who can not only just challenge Pickleball's claim as the fastest growing sport in the world, but could easily leave pickleball behind in its dust. That sport?

Competitive Butchery. 

The World Butchers' Challenge started in 2009 with only two nations, Australia vs New Zealand, going knife-to-knife to be crowned the world champs. Less than 10 years later, there were 12 different countries battling to become the world's greatest butchers at the 2018 WBC. And there were supposed to be 16 teams competing at the 2020 WBC being held at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento this year. An NBA arena for an international competitive butchering competition with 16 different nations. That's half the size of the Basketball World Cup and it's only been around for 10 years. 

And don't even try to say that competitive butchery can't be the sport of the future because these butchers aren't athletes. Try again, bozo. 


Power. Speed. Precision. Skill. It takes years and years of relentless training to get to the point where you're ready to compete against the world's best. Aside from hunting, butchering is probably the oldest sport in the world. But what is old is now new again. I'm ready to declare competitive butchery as the sport of the future. 

Unfortunately that future just has to wait a little longer because the 2020 WBC was already postponed to August 2021, and that new date has already been cancelled as well. But luckily the Viagra people came out with a vaccine so hopefully we'll be seeing the world's best cutting up some meat at Golden 1 Arena sometime soon. 

Just need to figure out whatever country this dude is from before we start putting in any futures picks.