Remembering West Virginia's Pat White (Not Dead)

I blogged about Juice Williams this week because I'm in a dark spot with my teams and we just drafted sweet college quarterbacks on Dog Walk. I don't like spoiling drafts or arguing strategy without giving you guys a chance to calibrate on the topic so most of the focus was on Juice and the state of Illinois sports. Maybe I even advocated for looking at Hugh Freeze as a replacement to Lovie this offseason. Sue me fore being emotional. 

But now that we've had some rest and digested some feedback, I'm prepared to circle back to say that Pat White 13th overall in a draft for Sweetest College Quarterbacks is the biggest steal since you woke up to 20% off the Hot Dog "Ugly" Christmas Sweater" yesterday. 

The timeline on those two events is a little wonky considering I drafted Pat White before we launched the Hot Dog merch but you get the point. Life is all about Creating Value and that's exactly what Pat White delivered in the 3rd round this week. 

There's a lot of moving pieces to a Sweetest College Quarterback draft. First off it's immensely vague and dependent upon your own interpretation of what's Cool and Sweet. The next issue is there's a virtual limitless supply of inventory for your draft picks. One guy may value a 1960's Bobby Douglas from Kansas just as much as a 1999 Chris Weinke. And who is to say one person is more or less wrong than the other? Ultimately, it's up to your own perspective to field a team that the audience respects and much less about yards and touchdowns. Who had a lasting impact? Who transcended the identity of the program and the position? Who was fucking Sweet?

Obviously I took Juice which should've surprised absolutely no one. Joe Burrow also a slam dunk. But for my money the real meat is in the middle when the top dogs go down. When there's no Vince Young and checks notes Eric Crouch to work with. No Brady Quinn eye-black grandstanding or ironic Jay Cutler arguments to muddy the waters. Just you and an open field to pick, and who better in an open field than Pat White? 


A lefty dual-threat quarterback wearing #5 is the basically the sweetest thing in sports. I can't even think of a comparison. Like Mike Vick minus killing all those dogs and the natural talent to go #1 overall in the draft. Just a real gritty college football player that could have had a better shot in today's NFL, notably because Ike Taylor would probably be suspended indefinitely and thus not eligible to scramble his brain but I digress. 

Another Argument:  best backfield in EA Sports NCAA Football history at a formative time in our collective lives:

But probably most important to the WVU diehards is this obnoxious hit he leveled against UCONN in 2005.

Spare me the song and dance about Matt Leinart's extracurriculars. You can keep your Baker Mayfield flag plant and the Johnny Manziel baggage. All things equal Pat White was the sweetest dude on every field and it's about time we put some respect on his name. 

PS - Not dead. Just drafted on the Dog Walk.