Paul Felder Was Supposed To Be Commentating This Weekend's UFC Card - Now He's Fighting In The Main Event

Well, as if you needed another reason to love Paul Felder - here you have it. 

Earlier this year, Felder made headlines when he got approval to step away from the commentary table mid-show to corner his teammate Jared "Flash" Gordon over on Fight Island....

....and now, just a few months later, he will be stepping in to fight former UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos on six-days notice in the five-round main event of Saturday's UFC card - a card he was actually scheduled to be on the commentary desk for. 

Felder says he's got nothin to lose, and is in tremendous shape right now - and while I've got no idea if the second part is true, the first part is undeniable. If RDA goes in there and works Felder on Saturday, everyone's still gonna think he was a total badass for stepping up and taking the fight. If he wins - well then, he becomes the stuff of legends. 

It's kinda like Masvidal takin the Usman fight a few months ago; I don't think his stock has really dropped at all since then, even tho he was footstomped into an L by Kamaru. Everyone knew the deal there. This is just a dope storyline to have leading into this weekend's fights now, tho. 

Let's go Felder!!