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Jeopardy Gave An Emotional Tribute To Alex Trebek Last Night And Announced They Will Be Airing The Rest Of The Shows He Taped Before He Passed Away

Alex Trebek was clearly a fixture on Barstool for years because of all the things he said/did that made him such a beloved figure and his passing has been covered all over the place here on the blog, radio, and The Rundown. Now that he's gone though, we found out that Alex somehow recorded enough episodes despite going through God knows what type of pain to get Jeopardy through the holidays. 

Watching last night's episode was somehow weird, sad, and comforting all at the same time, which I imagine won't go away over the next month and a half. But it's nice to know that we get our Trebek fix for the next month and a half like he wanted before whoever has to fill his impossible shoes attempts to fill them, which we actually talked about on tomorrow's Podfathers. I think it's pretty clear that Ken Jennings was being groomed as Trebek's successor since he started asking a few categories this season and they rigged the GOAT Tournament for him by using Brad Rutter as a Daily Double stealing patsy (JK....kinda). And I'm more than fine with Jennings standing behind that podium because for all the shit I gave him while facing my guy Big Brain James, I was a Ken Jennings fan when he went on his crazy run and anybody else taking over for Alex would feel COMPLETELY out of place while Jennings feels like the closest thing to a worthy fill-in since Trebek seemed to like and respect him, while stupid tweets like this deserve being ratio'd to hell.

George Stephanopoulos should look into getting new reps or a better PR team because that is a terrrrrrible look

If Jennings doesn't take over, I'd rather Jeopardy just fade into the sunset along with Trebek since he somehow became Jeopardy. But we know that's not going to happen with the cash cow Trebek built that show into. 

Those big decisions are up to the guys in the suits however. I'm just happy we get to see the pal that we've been inviting into our living rooms for a half hour every weekday for our entire lives for a little while longer.

RIP Alex Trebek. #FuckCancer