Takk McKinley Is OUT After Trashing the Falcons on Twitter

So, for those wondering, it turns out trashing your employer in a public forum might, in fact, end up with you losing your job. Who could have guessed?

Takk McKinley went on Twitter last week to voice his frustrations over the Falcons not trading him either of the last two seasons and claimed Atlanta turned down a second round pick in return — that was later disputed by several reporters, for what it's worth. McKinley didn't play in the Falcons' win over the Broncos on Sunday and now is no longer a member of the organization.

Obviously a former first round pick going on Twitter to undermine his own team is a pretty bad look for him and his future prospects as an NFL player, but I'm not sure the Falcons admitting defeat on another top pick after supposedly whiffing on potential trades looks great for the team, either. As is usually the case in Atlanta, I[m sure the franchise was not without fault.

But it's just another shitstorm for a franchise which has seemingly had dozens of them, both before and after the biggest collapse in the history of professional sports. Just in my lifetime, the Falcons had the biggest player in franchise history go to federal prison, somehow rebound from that to get two other Hall of Famers on offense and blow 17- and 25-point leads in an NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl, respectively. Releasing a first rounder — who sucked anyway — for a tweet is child's play.

Whatever. Another pick down the drain. Luckily, the team is winning again under an interim coach to end up at 7-9 and pick 14th this year to get another guy who will be gone following his rookie contract. Cheers.