Everything Is Great in Atlanta: Takk McKinley Is Publicly Blasting the Falcons for Declining Trade Offers for Him

Well, this is generally not the sign of a franchise that is functioning optimally from within. With the NFL trade deadline having come and gone Tuesday, the 2-6 Falcons didn't make any moves, despite some throughout the League speculating that they might try to get rid of some high-profile players and start a total rebuild.

Takk McKinley has been discussed in trade conversations for the last couple years, but as of today, he's still a Falcon — and he doesn't seem too happy about it. And while this is definitely not what you want a starter on your team to be tweeting publicly, my jaw about hit the floor when I saw that the Falcons could have received a second round pick for a player that had largely underperformed to that point in his career.

I would say if that's true that somebody needs to be fired, but we already did that. And then Atlanta could have supposedly gotten two picks this year and again didn't trade McKinley. If the team knew he was this upset and wanted to leave and didn't trade him, that's malpractice.

I am a bit confused as to McKinley's last sentence in his tweet, though. For a former first round pick, 17.5 sacks in four seasons isn't exactly great stuff. Did he really think he was flexing with that? But I think everybody except the people making the decisions are on the same page that if he could have been traded for a second round pick, that should have happened.

It's just another beautiful day in Flowery Branch, Georgia, where everything is in shambles and the people making the decisions don't know what they're doing. At least we'll always have Takk's NFL Draft night.