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It's Been 24 Years Since The Michigan Goal, The Guy Who Scored It Actually Has A Name And It's Mike Legg

This was a trip down memory lane. EVERY single millennial knows what you mean when you say "the Michigan goal". This was before HD. It was before social media. It was before the fucking internet. And yet...every one of us has seen it. I remember when it happened. Little 10 year old Chief saw it on Sportscenter and then...the next 4 Sportscenters after that. That was how you saw highlights. Plays like this were burned into your head because you watched, thought about it for an hour, then watched it on Sportscenter again. Those were the good old days. No bullshit, just highlights, and then immediately going out to the driveway or the basement to try it yourself. Then ALL of your little squirt teammates trying it at practice until the coach yells at you to stop dicking around and get on the line because you're never going to have the hands required to make a play like that. That is also probably a shared experience by millennial hockey players...coaches tell you to get in line and get it off the glass and out or just put it far pad and hope for rebound. It's probably why it took like legit 24 years and a guy born on a different continent to make it sorttttaaa mainstream.