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The NHL May Not Be Starting Until January, But NCAA Hockey Starts This Week

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There is a lot of uncertainty in the hockey world right now. When can we watch hockey again? When will the restrictions be lifted off youth hockey so the kids can play normal again? And most importantly, when will the NHL return? Those are questions that no one knows the answer to right now. What we do know, is that NCAA hockey returns this week and you should be very excited about it.

College Hockey takes a back seat to the NHL. When you look at college basketball or football, they are much more competitive with their sports professional leagues, obviously the NBA and NFL are much more popular than NCAAB or NCAAF, but you know what I mean. College Hockey doesn't really have that. Maybe that is because its tough to find it on TV. Maybe it's because half the good players are playing Junior in Canada or in some pro league overseas in Europe. Well, for the first time NCAA Hockey has an opportunity to be the main focus of the hockey world when they drop the puck this week to kick off the season. So when will each conference start you ask?

BIG TEN - The full schedule will feature 24 conference games for each team, plus an additional four games per school against Arizona State at Big Ten venues. (via USCHO)

WCHA - The WCHA has finalized an 18-game league schedule for the abbreviated 2020-21 men’s hockey season. Each WCHA team will play a single series against the other nine league schools with all but three of the games slated to be played in January and February 2021. (via USCHO)

NCHC - The league has scheduled 26 league games, split into two parts, with the first part starting Dec. 1 with all teams playing in a centralized location, Baxter Arena in Omaha, Neb. Each team will play 10 games while in Omaha over a three-week span before Christmas. After the holidays, when students will be returning to their campuses, the schedule will go back to "normal" with each team playing an additional 16 games. No non-league games, but may be added later, pending further discussion, the league said. (via College Hockey news)

ATLANTIC -  Atlantic Hockey has announced that the 2020-21 season will officially begin the weekend of November 13-14, 2020. The schedule features 24 games and allows for up to 28 games for all AHA teams. The season concludes with the Atlantic Hockey tournament, which will include all 11 teams and be played over three weekends culminating with a return to Buffalo’s LECOM HarborCenter. (via USCHO)

HOCKEY EAST - Season will start Nov. 20th (more information to be announced soon)

ECAC - Schedule expected to be released this week

I couldn't be more excited for the season to start. I think you're going to see some craziness from start to finish this season as well. Schools playing in a bubbles? Love it. Independents getting some conference action? How are ya LIU. Maybe we even see an Arizona State natty run? It's going to be insane not only to keep track of everything that is going on, but just to be able to watch hockey again. The NHL season ended less than a month ago and to be honest, it doesn't feel like we are getting the National League back any time soon. So thank fucking god we have some NCAA hockey to watch this weekend. 


  • Wisconsin @ Notre Dame - 7pm EST
  • Adrian @ Bowling Green - 7:07pm EST


  • Wisconsin @ Notre Dame - 7pm EST
  • LIU @ Army West Point - 4pm EST
  • Arizona State @ Michigan - (Time TBD)


  • Arizona State @ Michigan - (Time TBD)

I'll do my preseason predictions a bit later in the week, but feel free to tweet/DM me who you think is going to be a force in the NCAA this season. I'll tell ya right now, I love North Dakota and BC though.