Only Nick Saban Could Be Upset About Winning In Miraculous Fashion

18 years ago today one of the more miraculous endings to a college football game ever happened. 

LSU was down 3 at Kentucky with a couple seconds left before heaving a bomb downfield that was tapped around and ended up in the hands of Devery Hendrson to take it in for the game-winning score as time expired while Kentucky fans had already stormed the field. 

The "Bluegrass Miracle". Pure bedlam. 

Buuut back in 2002 a guy named Nick Saban was the head coach at Louisiana State University, and after that miracle he did what Nick Saban is notorious for doing - be pissed off. 

It's so Saban it hurts. The look on his face walking off the field during that interview is not even close to joy. In fact it's the opposite of joy. It's disappointment. 

I think Saban is the only coach in America that would rather his team lose in a situation like that so he could get in their ass and team them a lesson. He has to be thinking "now I have to deal with 75+ college guys who think their shit doesn't stink because they got lucky at the end of this game with some bullshit play". 

Some could say that's why he's been the dominant coach he's been in the 21st century - the reason he already has a statue at Alabama. But damn, Nick, at least crack a smile after a once-in-lifetime play like that. Even Belichick threw his headset in the air out of joy a few times. 

I poke fun at him a lot, but sometimes I am genuinely curious when he does celebrate and if so, what does he celebrate?

Christmas? Anniversary? Both seem like bumps in the road for continued excellence of his football progrum to me. 

He's the kind of guy that on his birthday you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Do wish him a happy birthday, bake him a cake, get him a card, and it's met with vitriol for wasting his time with something that happens on the same day every year. Don't wish him a happy birthday and he holds a grudge like any time he plays one of his former assistants.