Did You Know The NBA Draft Is Next Week? Because Based On These Rumors It Appears Nobody Has Any Idea What The Hell Is Going On

Ah, that's the good stuff. Did you know the NBA Draft is next week? Yep, it's actually happening (finally). I've talked about it before but I've always loved the NBA Draft. I'm a sucker for it. One of my favorite parts are the rumors that we get surrounding picks and how teams try to use the media to manipulate what's going on. We see it every year where teams or agents put out a story about how a player is trending up, down, etc. Or you're a Celtics fan and you hear about how Danny Ainge was totally going to draft the guy who is exceeding expectations if he fell a pick or two. 100% of the time, Danny Ainge was there to draft him. 

Fast forward to this year's draft and we have a clear top of the board but people are torn on who goes where. There's a clear top-3 with LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman. Then you get Obi Toppin and that group right after. So now you have rumors of that group going to Minnesota.

Or of course a trade

And that's why I fucking love the NBA Draft. These rumors change weekly. Hell, we had the rumor of Wiseman and Ball being the first overall pick coming out days of each other! To me, the Wolves should just take Anthony Edwards if they keep the pick. If they are keeping KAT, it doesn't make a ton of sense to draft Wiseman. You don't need both Wiseman and KAT on the floor together. Ball makes sense too, I just like Edwards a bit better. He fits that off guard spot and ability to be a playmaker from the wing more. 

What fascinated me by this Draft is the fact that a) it's completely abnormal and b) it's a bigger crapshoot than normal. What I mean by abnormal is the fact that they haven't normal meetings, a combine, workouts, etc. Teams really have to just watch film. We don't have the guy who got hot during the NCAA Tournament and all of a sudden is a lottery pick. 

Goddamn I can't wait. As I do every year I'll have a betting blog out for NBA Draft picks so we all can cash Jarrett Culver again like last year. Reminder that it's next Wednesday. Someone tell the Wolves. Actually, don't, let's see this happen again: