Virginia Tech Just Had An All Time Shooting Themselves In the Foot Moment

Liberty has only been in the FBS for a few years now. They're still an independent because nobody will allow them into their conference, which is a discussion for another time.

Today was arguably the biggest game in their programs history against in-state "rival" Virginia Tech. Tied late in the 4th, Liberty attempted a 55-yarder:

What a troll. The good news was that Liberty's kickers attempt was so bad that there was no way they'd try another one, right? Nope.


Can you blame Justin Fuente? No, that would be incredibly dumb. Coaches attempt to freeze kickers all the time. 

This was a massive win for Hugh Freeze, Liberty's coach who got fired from Ole Miss after it was found that he used state issued cell phones to book hookers (whether it was for him or others, that's up for debate). He and Luke Fickell will probably be #1 and #2 in most coveted coaches this offseason.