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I May Have Found A New Mortal Enemy And It's This Literal Kid From Montana State

Previously on this Mop from Montana calling me out during round 1 of the Barstool College National Gaming Championship presented by XP Sports:

Look, I (figuratively) love this kid Trevor and the horse he rode in on.  He's electricity personified, even when they don't have that or running water in Montana.  But a man can only take so much lip, and while I respect the aggression, but you know what they say.  If you come at the King/General, you best not miss.  I really don't wanna put Mop on my revenge list with names that shall no longer be named (list from early 2019):

But if it has to be done, it has to be done.  Until then, long live Montana State, who have become sneaky fan favorites in the Barstool College Gaming Championship presented by XP Sports. 

More recap on the tourney last night later, but we're down to 32 teams from the original 64 schools.  Here's how everything stacks up as the 1st ever Barstool Gaming Championship went live last week and it's brought to our good friends over at XP Sports who are also giving away a PS5, Xbox Series X, or $500 gift cart to Amazon for just being you.  How nice is that?  Simply go to xpsports.com/BARSTOOL to sign up for the sweepstakes and follow along the tournament until a champion is crowned to find out if you get the glory.  

But as for now, we continue to ride.  

Let's dance.