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Do I Need To Beat The Living Piss* Out Of This College Cowboy Montana Kid For Giving Me Lip Live On-Air?

*Beat The Living Piss*, figuratively, of course.  For the court transcripts.  But after clearing up the legalize...possibly.  Even though he was 100% in the right, dominated with his squad on the sticks, and absolutely wears the SHIT out of a cowboy hat.  Love him AND the horse he rode in on.  Long live Montana State, who have become sneaky fan favorites in the Barstool College Gaming Championship presented by XP Sports. 

We're down to 32 teams from the original 64 schools.  Here's how everything stacks up as the 1st ever Barstool Gaming Championship went live last week and it's brought to our good friends over at XP Sports who are also giving away a PS5, Xbox Series X, or $500 gift cart to Amazon for just being you.  How nice is that?  Simply go to to sign up for the sweepstakes and follow along the tournament until a champion is crowned to find out if you get the glory.  

As for the tournament, 64 valiant universities entered, 32 survive to the 2-week 2nd round.  Who made the cut?  Only the worthy.  

Congrats to all who survived and thanks to all for coming out.  Here lie some random highlgihts from the evening: 

More updates throughout the week before we meet again next Wednesday.  Until then, we continue to dance in Verdansk. 

Carry on.