Logan Ryan Shared A Story About How A Giants Trainer May Have Helped Save His Wife's Life On Monday Night And How Joe Judge Told Ryan To Join Her Instead Of Worrying About Football

I briefly touched on this at the end of yesterday's blog about Golden Tate getting the boot from practice but I'm sure a fair share of people missed it since it was a late update at the end of the blog and there were a couple of other stories going on in the news.

Anyway, hearing this story had me feeling proud to be a Giants fan for the first time in a long time. If you search the words Giants on this blog and go through everything I've written, you can clearly see it's been a slow, painful march to hell for a franchise that has long been viewed as one of the hallmark franchise of the National Football League (I wrote out NFL so you know I really mean business). Whether this was caused due to changes in the organization after Wellington Mara's passing, a collection of misses by the front office, a collection of misses hiring the people in the front office, or just the Giants being due for scandals. But all of the losses on the field over the last few years, and trust me there have been PLENTY, didn't touch the embarrassment that came from things like the Josh Brown allegedly being a huge piece of shit, backup QBs almost running over cops, and so on and so forth. As someone that roots for the Mets, I imagine the last 5+ years is what it's like to being a Jets fan every year and I do not care for it one iota!

Luckily that may be coming to an end because it turns out Joe Judge isn't just some mouth breathing Football Guy that has the audacity to make professional athletes and their coaches run a few laps that the hacks in the media portray him to be. He is a good dude who cares his team as much as they appear to care about him.

Even ex-players are co-signing Coach Judge!

Tough look for ex-players, fans, and media members who blindly decided that Joe Judge was a bad head coach because he made a few professional athletes run a couple of laps and because his old boss, who just so happens to be the greatest NFL coach ever, had a few assistants that flopped as head coaches. I don't think anybody will argue that Coach Judge's laser focus is just as good as advertised.

Back to the Ryans, as someone who is good buddies with a doctor, I can't tell you how much it helps to have someone to bounce stuff off of when a medical emergency hits instead of going down the Choose Your Own Death Adventure known as WebMD. A few years ago, the Giants training staff where was in the Ray Ramirez Zone of being a punchline due to all the injuries on the team and now they are giving life saving advice. I am thrilled to hear that Mrs. Ryan is doing well and appreciate that my favorite football team may be shifting back to being viewed as one of the best franchises in the sport to work for.

Also completely independent of that story, I can't put into words how great it is to have Logan Ryan on this team. After the last few seasons of not being able to trust Giants DBs because you didn't know who was going to get cooked or who may not show up for practice or a game, there''s something extremely comforting about having a veteran presence who knows what he is doing on the backend of the defense. I know the Giants only signed him to a one year deal at the last minute of this crazy coronaseason and he'll be 30 years old next year. But I hope the G-Men bring Logan back to team up with James Bradberry, Jabril Peppers, and Xavier McKinney along with whatever young corners show potential because I think Patrick Graham can really get this defense going once he gets a couple of guys who can get pressure off the edge to go along with this improved secondary and solid running defense. You know I mean it because I gave Ryan an extension in my Giants Madden franchise despite him being mere months away from his 30th birthday, which is usually a huuuuuge no-no for me unless you are a stud or a QB1. Nothing beats having a stabilizing veteran presence, both in real locker rooms and virtual locker rooms.