Golden Tate Was Not At Giants Practice A Day After His Wife Called Out The Team For Tate Not Getting The Ball Thrown To Him Enough

Previously on The Tates vs. Big Blue:

Ahhhhh, nice to see the receiver the Giants signed to replace the All-Universe receiver that had to be moved because he was a "distraction" that "showed up his quarterback" is working out so well for Big Blue! 

I can't believe I am saying this about a player with the third highest cap figure on the team, but I preferred it when I forgot Golden Tate was on the roster, which has pretty much been this entire season outside of that touchdown on Monday night, when he was fighting Jalen Ramsey, and when Ramsey almost put him through this Earth's core.

Good thing this didn't spread to the social media since everyone was an internet sleuth when that Odell guy was in town or else Coach Judge may actually admit that he sent Tate home, which would be the first time I've seen Tate get any separation in years. Wait, what's that?

Luckily for the locker room, this whole dust up was quickly settled once the starting quarterback of the Giants sat down.

Class. Respect. Leadership. QB1.

As for the WR3 spot if Golden Tate gets cut or he spends the rest of his contract running laps with his family...

If I and everyone else in my and your fantasy league can talk themselves into Dante Pettis with the 49ers, there is no reason we can't talk ourselves into him as a Giant even though being a part-time receiver in a Jason Garrett offense is sliiiiightly different than being the potential WR1 in a Kyle Shanahan offense. But at least we probably don't have to worry about Pettis losing his shit about not receiving the ball in a play not run for him.

P.S. I know that Giants fans will argue about Daniel Jones until he either starts winning or gets cut. But if you can't get behind Joe Judge after some tough but close losses, you are fucking lost.