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The Cheap Ass "Strapped For Cash" Indians Plan To Trade Francisco Lindor Before Opening Day

BREAKING: Cleveland, strapped for money, also intends to lose their entire fan base. 

What an absolute joke. I'm sick and tired of these rich ass owners crying poor. If you can't afford to own a competitive baseball team, then take your billions and go home. I refuse to believe that the Cleveland Indians are "strapped for money". They just have an owner that is more concerned about maximizing profits than maximizing wins. Listen, your entire family's family's family is set up for the rest of their life. You don't need to be the owner of the Cleveland Indians to be financially secure. But the Cleveland Indians deserve an owner that cares more about putting a good product on the field instead of cheap one that will net a couple extra bucks in profit at the end of the year.

But honestly, and I don't have the books in front of me, I'd be willing to venture that signing Frankie Lindor to a long term contract for whatever he wants would STILL be a good business decision. He's a once in a generation type player, talent wise but more importantly, marketing wise. Who's jersey are you going to sell when Lindor is gone? Jordan Luplow? If you think you're strapped for cash now, wait until we're 30-65 next year in the middle of July and there's about 200 people in the stands. Meanwhile, Lindor will be shining in LA or New York. And I'm not even talking about how he's going to be a Hall of Fame shortstop one day. I'm talking about literally SHINING. Have you seen that smile?

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Marketable. The dude is cool. He puts asses in seats and jerseys on backs. And you're trading him to save money??

Add him to the list. Jim Thome, CC Sabathia, Trevor Bauer, Cliff Lee, Corey Kluber, Victor Martinez, Mike Clevinger. The list goes on and on and on. Drafting and developing high level talent just to watch them leave in the midst of their prime: the story of the Cleveland Indians.

Clem, Hubbs, Dodgers fans: he's one of yours now. I'd advise unloading whatever it takes to get him and then making him a billion dollar extension offer. This dude is the real deal. He's going to flourish in literally anywhere other than Cleveland. Probably going to win a couple World Series and a few MVP awards. And I'll be a fan. He was nothing but great for the city of Cleveland. It's just a shame that our owner would rather get a $5 Little Caesars than a nice, hearty pizza from a family owned restaurant. You're right Mr. Dolan, it's cheaper!