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Thailand, Ranked #1 In The World For "Time Spent" On Pornhub, Just Shut Down and Banned Pornhub In The Most Controversial Political Move Of Tuesday November 3rd

NARONG SANGNAK. Shutterstock Images.

Who would have thought?  That on Election Day in America, or as the media is basically calling it, the Eve of the Second Civil War…a day that has been advertised as nothing short of the complete destruction of society and life as we know it, the Apocalypse of America… as shopowners from city to city nail plywood to their windows and apartment buildings hire armed security for the night…

Who would have thought THAILAND would have the darkest Tuesday November 3rd due to the actions of politicians? 

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand’s government said on Tuesday it had banned Pornhub and 190 other websites showing pornography, prompting social media anger over censorship and a protest against the decision.

NARONG SANGNAK. Shutterstock Images.

It wasn't a Trump.  It wasn't a Biden.  

It was a Puttipong Punnakanta who did it. Who blacked out the sun from the sky and drove a dagger straight into the heart of the people of Thailand. 

The extremely, extremely horny people of Thailand.

Digital minister Puttipong Punnakanta said the block was part of efforts to restrict access to porn and gambling websites, which were illegal under the country’s cybercrime law.

But many Thai…criticised the shutting of a site in a country that was among the Top 20 by daily traffic for Pornhub in 2019.

According to Pornhub, Thai users spent more time on the site last year, at 11 minutes and 21 seconds, than anywhere in the world.

Seriously, did you guys know Thailand is the worldwide leader in jerk sesh length? Number ONE!  195 sovereign states in the world and nobody cranks it for a more prolonged period than the Thai people.

I hope Puttipong did his research, hope he knew his people were the 11:21 Kings of Pornhub. I don't know much about the Thai culture, other than what I just learned, that they beat it like a marathon while we're running sprints passing out from cramps.  That's it though. I don't know how far they're prepared to take this. I don't know if they're the type to rise up and go to war with the prude puritan sexless virgins in their government.

“If someone doesn’t hate the current military government, now they probably do,” said a Twitter user named Jirawat Punnawat.

Time will tell. For now, they're sticking with diplomacy. They're sticking with #HornyPower.

A hashtag that translates as #HornyPower is trending on Thai Twitter following the Pornhub block, accompanied by comments or memes that the government could face greater opposition now beyond the protesters…many Thai users [also] trended the #SavePornhub hashtag .

A few dozen activists protested the block outside the digital ministry, holding banners saying “free Pornhub” and “reclaim Pornhub.”

An activist group called Anonymous Party said: “We want to reclaim Pornhub. People are entitled to choices.”

NARONG SANGNAK. Shutterstock Images.
SOPA Images. Getty Images.

You know how when someone complains about America, there's always the "go live in XYZ country for a bit see how you like it" comeback? Talk about a perfect use-case.  All these people down on our country, families and friendships breaking apart, enraged over things like policies and masks and healthcare plablahhhhhhhh blah blah blahhhhhhh.

How about you go live in Thailand and get a 404 Error when you load Youjizz on night 32 of a dry spell? 

Yeah, you'll excuse me if your little threat of Civil War doesn't take up too much of my bandwidth. I'd gladly take a musketball to the face from some bozo from South Carolina before I'd take my government wiping every Ava-Adams-as-the-concerned-mother-next-door-neighbor video off the internet. 

Be grateful and hug your Incognito Window a little extra tight tonight.

via Reuters