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Is Jayson Tatum Hinting At A Potential Aron Baynes Reunion?!?!?!

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First, shoutout to stoolie @farzadatif for bringing this to my attention. This picture went up today on Tatum's Snapchat and I have to admit, it has my mind RACING. That's what tends to happen in the offseason when you give us all a social media nugget like this. Despite 99.9% of the time it is absolutely harmless and not at all what you hope and pray for, I only care about the 0.1% right now. I understand this is an old picture and that maybe Tatum saw this on his phone and it made him laugh. That could be all this is.

But I also know this. I need Aron Baynes back on the Celtics more than you need anything in your own life. He was perfect while he was here, unfortunately he was a cap casualty and had to be traded, but now he's back on the market as an UFA. Guess what the Celtics need right now? A player like Aron Baynes. Someone who is a beast on defense, can actually shoot threes at a respectable clip, knows the system, it's all too perfect. So you tell me, what does Tatum know? Is he trying to tell us that Baynes is on his way back and we can get more of these moments from Tommy?

For this to happen, and I don't mean to be a boner killer, Baynes would have to be down to take a discount. It's not like the Celts are going to have a ton of money to throw around this offseason, and it would shock me a little if Baynes left PHX. He has a great role there, and is probably a 9-10M player on the open market right now you would think. The Celts don't have that. 

But there's no denying Baynes loved his time in Boston, and you bet your ass the feeling was mutual. 

Can you imagine if they were able to have Baynes on this year's roster? Prob beat the Lakers in 5. 

The haters and losers of which there are many will want to downplay this picture. Those people can go to hell. This is something that every single Celtics fan reading this blog needs to wish into existence. Do whatever it takes. Make a sacrifice to the gods, use a birthday wish, hit Baynes up on Twitter and beg for him to come back. It all has to be on the table because he solves so many of their issues right now. 

If nothing happens and Baynes doesn't come, someone is going to have to sit Jayson down and tell him shit like this cannot happen. Not in the offseason, not when there is a glaring need at the position he's putting out there on the internet. These are fragile times right now and no time to joke. 

But please, Aron, let's bring the band back together. We all miss you dearly.