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Greg Hardy Just Picked Up Another TKO Win In The UFC Heavyweight Division

Greg Hardy just picked up yet another TKO win in the UFC's heavyweight division; and this time, it wasn't by way of illegal knee, he didn't use an inhaler in-between rounds, and despite some protesting from his opponent, Maurice Greene, re: the stoppage - there just wasn't much controversy to this one. 

Well - once he got in there, at least....

Hardy's explosiveness and brute-force strength proved once again to be his path to success in the octagon, and it seems that at this point - even if he doesn't know all of the rules of professional mixed martial arts yet - it's fair to say he's a pretty damn good fighter. He's now 4-2-1 in the UFC (with one of those losses coming by way of DQ, and one win getting overturned to a NC after the inhaler usage), and his power is obviously just nuts; he practically KO'd Greene with a jab tonight.

I'd like to see Hardy get a real big step up in competition next. Maybe somebody like Blagoy Ivanov to see if he could crack the Top 15? I dunno - I'm no matchmaker.