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Penn State QB Sean Clifford, Who Just Lost To Indiana, Is Now Calling Out Ohio State

Can someone please let this dude know he just lost to Indiana? I mean, I know they battled tough with a GREAT Hoosier football team and everything, came within inches! But they lost to an unranked team. And now they host the #3 ranked team in America. Not just in college football, but in the entire country. I think the Chiefs and Seahawks could beat them, but that's about it. So maybe just keep your mouth shut before this one?

Listen, this is one of those situations where I don't know what he was supposed to say, but definitely wasn't supposed to THAT. And let me be unequivocally clear: the "that's the mentality you have to have" people are idiots. He does not need to have this mentality. Giving the most talented team in the country bulletin board material is not a good mentality. Penn State's best plan of attack was to quietly slide under the radar after losing to Indiana and sneaking up on the Buckeyes, not to have their QB announce loud and clear that he plans on beating Ohio State this weekend.

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What an absolutely stupid thing to say. You gotta just stick to the script when welcoming these certified killers into your stadium, especially without the whiteout crowd to play off of. Hit the reporters with the old fashioned, "We're going to go out there and play our best football. Get better each week." No one takes any offense in that. That's the politically correct answer. But by saying you plan on beating the Buckeyes? That's now posted on the board in the defensive line meetings. Probably got sent in the group chat. I'm sorry Sean, but you're in for a world of hurt now. I imagine the first Zach Harrison sack is going to be like the Julius scene in Remember the Titans: "you better get comfortable down there, real comfortable".  

I guess there is always the option that the context of this quote was misrepresented. Any chance Sean Clifford was talking about the spread here? Because I would be a whole lot less offended if he was quoted saying "I think we can keep it within 12 points of the Buckeyes on Saturday." Still don't think it would be smart to say, but more realistic I guess. 

Praying for you, Sean. Hope you play a little better than you did against……Indiana.