Joe Rogan Breaks Down What A Debate Between Trump And Biden Would Look Like If He Moderated

Is it too late to make this happen? We got a couple days. Even everyone has already posted on social media that they voted and it was an emotional experience or something, I am sure the country could still benefit from a debate with Rogan using Young Jamie to say 

It would be nice to have a de0bate where lying is against the rules. Someone who could actually hold a politicians feet to the fire and ask tough questions. And then repeatedly ask those questions until there is a satisfactory answer. Not a debate where a candidate can ramble and duck the question and divert and attack and filibuster until their arbitrary two minute allotment has expired and they are saved by the bell. Rogan seems to me like the only guy who is willing and able to pull off something like that. It would've been incredible theatre if nothing else. Debates haven't changed since like seemingly 1960 when TV was first introduced to process. Time for a change. We need better than what we have.