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BREAKING: Wolfman Spotted In Chicago. Halloween Is Officially Upon Us.

Laugh all you want. You really think this is out of the realm of possibility? In 2020? After all the shit that's gone down so far is a werewolf roaming the streets of the Windy City really that outlandish? 

The government finally admitted there are aliens and it didn't even make the evening news. Wasn't even a blip on our screens. People just shrugged and went along their way. 

I just saw a picture of the greatest rapper alive posing for a picture with the President saying he just met to discuss his "Platinum Plan" which is honestly way harder to wrap my brain around than this 911 call reporting a wolfman (aka guy with a lot of hair on his head. But not a costume) lurking around in Uptown.

Wolfmen taking a peak out from behind the curtain in 2020 and no longer hiding in the shadows, on the Eve of Devils Night, is the least shocking thing of 2020 to happen yet.

Some great theories to go along with it as well-

But this guy definitely nailed it - 

Sorry Dave. I kid because I love you.