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Famous TikTok Couple Are Actually STEP-SIBLINGS And Some People Are NOT Thrilled

DM -  Step-siblings who are in a romantic relationship have divided social media users with their bizarre TikTok videos. Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena claim they met six years ago through their parents and started dating in 2017 after realizing they were attracted to each other. Posting under the joint account alphafamilia, the couple, from the US, have built up a 600,000-strong following with videos showing them kissing, role-playing and acting out different trends. Their videos often show Diana dressed in provocative costumes including a maid, 'sexy' clown, and a police woman in short shorts.  TikTok users are divided, with one critic saying: 'I'm going to ask TikTok to remove the video so you can't hurt anyone else with this.' But fans have jumped to their defense, saying: 'I don't understand why they get hate. I love both of them so much.'

Real life step lovers!  WOW!  Talk about when life imitates art imitates Pornhub in 2020!  And they have NO problem doing the damn thang right in EVERYONE'S grillepieces!  Good for them!  They're STEP siblings!  Not womb and/or ballsack sharing siblings!  If it ain't blood, it ain't incest! Probably! So keep on Tok'ing you kooky legally related lovebirds!  It's not the content of your videos is going to make Thanksgiving dinner any less delicious!  Or weird!

FAMILY LOVE BREAK: Fortnight Boy is being Fortnight Boy while I get all his PAGEVIEWS, give him a check in!


Enjoy the love!