The Babysitter From Borat Two Is Currently Making BANK On A GoFundMe Page Because People Felt Bad For Her In The Movie

Source Sympathetic “Borat 2” fans have raised tens of thousands of dollars for Jeanise Jones, the mockumentary’s “moral compass” who claimed she was “betrayed” by filmmakers.

In filmmaker Cohen’s satirical flick, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” Jones, 62, plays the hired baby-sitter for Borat’s daughter Tutar (portrayed by newcomer Maria Bakalova), who is slated to be married off to an older man. However, the Oklahoma native told The Post that she was tricked by recruiters into thinking that the film was a real documentary about grooming gangs.

The senior citizen reportedly only discovered the truth when the film’s trailer came out — which is why her on-screen performance appeared so genuine.

Suffice to say, fans hoped cash donations would ease the pain of Jones’ epic hornswoggling.

Scobey, who had originally met with the “Borat 2” recruiters when they came to Jones’ church, launched a GoFundMe page to compensate her properly after she was only paid $3,600 for the role. So far, the fundraiser has garnered almost $50,000 of its $100,000 goal as of Wednesday morning.

First of all, this article makes Jeanise Jones sound ancient- she's sixty-two years old. That's not even retirement age. Second, she got paid for the movie. Yeah the end product was a little different than she expected, but that's the nature of the beast. Things always change in the edit. Not only that, she MADE thirty-six-hundred dollars off the movie. It's not like she wasn't compensated for being tricked. You could tell me literally anything at all if you pay me $3600 after and I won't be upset. Dog hit by a car? Sure. Family member dead? Why not? It's water under the bridge the second the money hits your pocket. 

That said, it was her Pastor who started the GoFundMe page for her so it's not like she was asking for it...

“I thought it would be great to give people a vehicle to say thank you in a tangible way,” said the Rev. Derrick Scobey, Jones’ pastor at Oklahoma’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, who spearheaded the crowdfunding campaign.

She also lost her job due to the pandemic so I'm sure she's super appreciative of everyone who donated. Chances are they'll blow through that $100,000 goal too. Especially once this story starts to pick up steam. Best of luck, Miss Jones. And congrats on the newfound wealth. Also, if you haven't seen Borat 2 yet give it a watch. I attached the trailer below.