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Michael Jordan Gave The Perfect Response To The GOAT Debate And LeBron James

Ever since the Last Dance aired I've found myself craving any and every MJ interview. He's just such a fascinating guy I could listen to him talk about anything. Well a few days ago he sat down for an exclusive hour long interview with Cigar Aficionado to celebrate their 25th anniversary and it was absolutely worth the watch. 

They covered a bunch of topics, ranging from how Jordan thinks stars teaming up to form super teams hurts the league. About how there should be some competitive balance of some sort. Now part of me thinks that if all these top end players wanted to team up in Charlotte, Jordan wouldn't care so much about it. In fact, I'd bet he'd be all in favor of it. 

But as the conversation went on, there was that clip from above. Every damn day on the internet people are still trying to make LeBron vs MJ comparisons. That's even more true after LeBron's fourth title and his demand that people finally give him his respect. Everyone with a brain knows he was talking about Jordan and how LeBron is considered #2 all time like that's some sort of insult. Well Jordan addressed this idea of the GOAT and it's hard to argue against his logic. It's a tired debate at this point. If we're being honest I was a little surprised Jordan was so humble about it after all the knob slobbing LeBron's received over the last few weeks. Remember, this is a guy who released The Last Dance early for a reason. Shit, this uncut interview came out 3 days after the Lakers won the title! That's no accident.

There was a part that I did find pretty interesting, and it revolved around being voted the most popular athlete in American history

This couldn't be more true. Kids growing up in this generation have no idea what an impact MJ had. That's why The Last Dance was so fun to watch. Shit, I was in grade school when all that shit went down so even I didn't fully grasp it until I watched that series. But it's not surprising that LeBron would assume that top spot in today's world. He is the Michael Jordan of our era. From what he does on the floor to what he does off it. As the years go by and generations change, so will stuff like this. Even if anyone who was around for Jordan will refuse to believe that could be possible.

It was just a shock to see Jordan be so humble about it all. Maybe that's because deep down he knows the truth and the rest doesn't matter. I feel like that's something that would eat away at him in his younger years and we would see his response on the court. Sadly, those days are over.

If you have the time, watch the whole 1 hour interview. You won't be disappointed.