Nothing Like Working Outside During A Hurricane And Almost Getting Impaled By A Flying Hunk Of Metal!

Is there a job in media that comes with less perks than working in the weather department? The weather guy/girl gets treated like a referee does in sports. If you get the call right, people say congratulations for simply doing your job right. If you get the call wrong, it's the end of the world and you are a fucking moron. The Traffic crew gets lumped in with the weather gang since the phrase Traffic & Weather Together is such a pleasing phrase to hear and weather impacts traffic so much. Don't believe me? Ask Barstool's Traffic & Weather Together correspondent, Frank The Tank!

But the real thankless jobs are the heroes getting thrown out of their warm, dry homes to grind it out in the elements at any given hour to report that the monsoon or blizzard or whatever natural disaster Mother Nature is unleashing on our asses is indeed also happening a few miles down the road in your town/city. Because some reason severe weather isn't truly severe in the viewers eyes until they can see a human get absolutely mollywhopped by water falling in various states, wind blow them across a parking lot, or if you are really lucky a random piece of shrapnel from the heavens impale them like a Saw movie. People tune in to the news during massive storms because they have a hunger for knowledge but they stick around because of their thirst for blood or at least a good chunk of misery like our friend Ollie Williams.

So shout out to my guy Sharief here for keeping his cool through all of this, even though that's mostly because he had no idea he almost had his death, or at the very least serious injury, broadcast on live TV.