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Celebrating an LA Sports Title 101: Drive Over Fireworks, Accidentally Shoot Them Out Of Your Car Into The Crowd, And Have Said Car Light On Fire While You're Still Inside

There's a lot of ways to celebrate your team winning a championship. For starters, you can cry as you somehow convince yourself you had a hand in your team of professional athletes winning the title, while you watch from the stands. You can keep it low key and just get drunk with your buddies. You can participate in a mob and push a car over if that's what you're into. You can climb a traffic light. You can go streaking. There's a lot of options and routes to go with. 

Well for Dodgers fans, doing donuts in the streets of LA seemed to be the move after watching their beloved Dodgers win the World Series. But you know what's a step up from donuts? How about running over some fireworks and accidentally firing them off into the crowd? One better, how about causing your own car to engulf in flames? Now that's championship chaos. One second you're just doing some spins thinking you're Ricky Bobby while people cheer you on, the next it's like you're operating a car in Death Race. You think people are complimenting you from afar saying, "you're on fire!" when in fact your car has flames coming out the back and is mere moments away from exploding. 

Vin Diesel is going to wake up in the morning and have them rewrite the whole script to the next Fast and Furious movie. Chaos and danger aside, that video above is fucking awesome. I hope everyone managed to stay in one piece and somehow didn't contract covid at the same time. Unlikely, but hey we have to hope. I love how everyone sprinted to the car once the flames randomly died down as if it had zero chance of exploding at that point. Videos like these give me some hope there are dumber people on this planet than myself. 

What's the line from the Farmer's Insurance commercials? "We've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything." I'd like this driver to submit this as a claim and see what they come back with. Ever get a firework wielding automobile that engulfed in flames? Yeah didn't think so J.K. Simmons.

P.S. How about the guy in the chopper just laughing along with the moment? Gotta love LA.