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MLB Announces Justin Turner Was Removed In The 8th Inning of Tonight's Game After Testing Positive For Covid-19


If Rob Manfred getting the ever living shit out of him booed, while handing the World Series trophy over to the Dodgers, while behind the scenes the world finds out Justin Turner was removed mid-game for testing positive for covid-19 isn't the most fitting way for the 2020 season to end then I don't know what is. The LAST thing I expected to come out of Kevin Burkhardt's mouth was Turner had to be removed in the 8th inning because of coronavirus. Baseball had zero positive tests for two months now. The Dodgers had been bubbled up in Texas for weeks now during the NLCS and World Series. This is nuts.

What in the world would baseball have done if Kevin Cash didn't sabotage the game and the Rays went on to force a Game 7? I mean the Dodgers would have had to all isolate and get tested no? They would have had to delay Game 7 for days, maybe a week. Maybe longer? What a shit show that could have been. Hopefully Turner is okay and no one else tests positive, but man this is nuts. What is this World Series celebration going to look like? Fucking 2020. Let's just hope it's a false positive. 

Quick Update:

He was on the field for the celebration? Wait what? 

They asked Manfred during the MVP announcement about Turner and I'm pretty sure he was having a stroke trying to take in the boos and the breaking news. There could not be a less qualified man to handle this situation than this bumbling idiot. How is buffoon the commissioner of baseball???

I thought my TV was broken, but according to Twitter it was all the same with everyone. That dude is shook as can be. I mean he was being mercifully booed. It was almost like he didn't expect the boos. Maybe he ripped 10 shots before heading out there after hearing the news? All that man wanted was the season to end the moment it started, and of course now he has to deal with the Turner positive test as the game ends. What a shit show.