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Budda Baker Was Mic'd Up When D.K. Metcalf Hawked Him Down and His Reaction Is Hilarious

Even in a Seahawks loss, the play from NFL Week 7 that everybody is still talking about two days later is D.K. Metcalf's ridiculous pursuit and tackle of Budda Baker on what seemed like a surefire pick-six. It's one of those plays that every time you see it, you're reminded how comically behind you are physically from a professional athlete.

And luckily for us, Baker was mic'd up for Sunday night's game and the audio of him coming off the field is awesome.

"How'd he catch my ass?" Baker said. "He ran me the fuck down."

Nothing you can do in that situation but tip your cap and admit that you got got. And this clip is a reminder that in 2020, there is no excuse to not have microphones built into every set of shoulder pads so that we can always have the audio whenever something awesome like this happens. They do it for the Super Bowl, so why can't we just have it all the time? I want Metcalf's reaction and what every Cardinals teammate on the sideline said to Baker after he got outclassed on national television.

Everybody should always be mic'd up.