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Wake Up With Hunter Renfroe Mic'd Up For The Rays WILD Walk Off Win In Game 4

This is the mic'd up I need, not the mic'd up asking guys what they ate for breakfast in the first round of the playoffs. Let the guys be themselves and keep it rolling. Hunter Renfroe is a guy that a lot of people don't really know a lot about, but he can hit BOMBS. Like his bomb he hit during this game. Think Statcast had it at 444 feet, but lets be real, it was closer to 480. How do you not say anything after you lay the lumber like that? He hits it and keeps it moving. I also love Brandon Lowe in the dugout before the walk off saying how much he liked the matchup. Hell of a hunch. The whole dugouts reaction during the play was great too, just yelling and you can't even understand any of it. Always love this behind the scenes look, but especially during arguably one of the biggest plays in a World Series in a long time.