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The Fox Spanish Announcing Team's Call Of Daniel Jones' 80 Yard Dash And Crash Was Absolutely Electric

Myself and millions of Giants fans are in a pretty dark place after last night. But I'd be lying to you if that video didn't bring the smallest ray of sunshine on this dreary ass day and mayyyyybe even allow me to crack a smile. The English language is perfectly fine in my book, no matter how bad some of my coworkers are at speaking it. But it doesn't hold a candle to the Spanish language in terms of entertainment since everything sounds better with a Spanish twist.

I don't know what these announcers said during that play but it was absolutely beautiful and spot on to encapsulate everything about Daniel Jones running like a gazelle before the goofy quarterback side of him wiggled out of his body once he entered the red zone like Ace Ventura squeezing out of that rhino's asshole in When Nature Calls.

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This gif also describes the last few years of Giants football to a tee

So thank you Spanish announcers for bringing a smidge of joy in this ol' smut blogger's shitty morning. I will now return to seeing things like this before preparing a giant bleach smoothie for lunch.

Whatever. At least nobody on the Giants can ruin our NFL Sunday this week and our QB1 may be our RB1 if things go south with Saquon or Big Blue somehow gets the number 1 pick.