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Start Your Friday By Watching Edgar Berlanga, Who Is 15-0 With 15 First Round Knockouts, Knock A Bunch Of People Out

I was talking to Large on this week's Podfathers about his trip to Vegas to cover a boxing fight and he told me he saw a boxer named Edgar Berlanga that extended his not only undefeated streak but also victory by knockout in the first round streak, that to a very casual boxing fan like me seems pretty impressive. After last week's KO, Edgar looked at the media covering the fight and said "I'm a fucking monster" to which Large replied "I believe you" in typical Large fashion. I guess that's how you get the nickname The Puerto Rican Smasher (I feel like there's a sex joke in here somewhere but I'm too tired to think of it).

Anyway, after the outrageous pain the Giants unleashed on my soul roughly 10 hours ago, I found watching pain being unleashed on other peoples' faces to be weirdly therapeutic, even if the KOs weren't on the young Mike Tyson level and half were shot in half empty gyms on peoples' phones in the crowd. That sounds pretty dark, but that's where I am right now because of Evan Engram.

Thank God it's Friday and a Rough N Rowdy night. Giants fans go to and let the hillbillies knocking each other out followed by the ring girls doing whatever the fuck they are going to do bring your soul back to life.