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Large Enters A Sports Bubble While Covering A Boxing Match In Vegas And I Enter The Finer Things Club (Among Other Things) While On My 10-Year Anniversary In The Catskills

On this week's episode of Podfathers:

- Large breaks down what life is like in Vegas during a pandemic in the midst of Sober October as well as what the process is like to get inside a sports bubble in this fucked up time of our lives.

- I make my case for the Finer Things Club by becoming a wine guy with a go-to type of wine. Or am I in the Scumbag Things Club for not knowing if you are supposed to call it a type of win? Anyway, the wife and I went to the Catskills for our 10 year anniversary so I gave some tips for going away with the love of your life, and more importantly escaping the kids for a few days, along with a bonus review of Windham, NY. With that type of teaser, you finally know why they call me Clemmy Pageviews around these parts!

- Ravi Patel joins the show to talk about his HBO MAX series as well about how to live a happy life in a world filled with social media distractions and distractions like HD porn available at your fingertips 24/7.