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Is Golden Tate A Bad Teammate?

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Yes. The answer is unequivocally yes. 

Nothing else in the world matters the moment you drop in to Verdansk. You just lost a game to a division rival in heartbreaking fashion? Doesn't. Fricking. Matter. 

You drop in to Verdansk and now those next 15 seconds - 30 minutes are the most important moments of your life. And you have a duty to always revive the boys, and to always buy the boys back. Doesn't matter if they're a total liability out there or not. If you can get to cover and not get yourselves fucked by the gas, you revive your boy. If you have $4000 on hand, you buy the boys back. You don't buy a self-revive, you don't buy a UAV, you don't get anything until you buy back the squad. Plain and simple, no questions asked. It's the 4 of you against the world. But apparently Golden Tate feels perfectly content with taking on Verdansk by himself. A solo mentality in a quads reality. Bad teammate! 

P.S. - I've always thought Golden Tate was awesome and it says everything you need to know about this Eagles coaching staff and the ones in the past that they weren't able to find a way to work him into the game plan.