Wake Up With Jeff Ross Roasting Pam Anderson

Ahh 2005, a simpler time. Back when Grey's Anatomy ruled the airwaves and The Office was just getting started. There was no global pandemic or economic depression or cancel culture. Comedians weren't afraid to let it rip and Comedy Central was the place they went to do just that. Pam Anderson was the third person to be roasted on the network behind Dennis Leary and Jeff Foxworthy. The dais included  Courtney Love, Adam Carolla, Bea Arthur, Nick DiPaolo, Greg Giraldo, Eddie Griffin, Lady Bunny, Lisa Lampanelli, Tommy Lee, Sarah Silverman, Andy Dick, Jimmy Kimmel, David Spade and Hugh Hefner...but the best out of all of them was Jeff Ross. He always is. I wish they'd do more roasts because they're almost always a home run. Oh well. Enjoy the clip and  have a great Friday.