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Daniel Jones Running For An 80 Yard Gain And Going Down Untouched With Nobody In Front Of Him Was The 2020 NFC East Summed Up In One Play

Danny Scoots! Danny Chutes! The entire Daniel Jones Era was just summed up in one completely awesome, horrifying, super athletic and goofy play.

I'm gonna be up front with you guys, if the Giants didn't score a touchdown there, it would have broken me. Not mentally. But literally, physically broken me. My wife would come downstairs to see where I was and see me in pieces like Drax after he got got by the Reality Stone.

Replace every muscle on Drax with fat for me

Instead the Giants did score, so we'll all agree to agree that Daniel Jones was just looking to give his overworked defense some rest as well as his teammate a touchdown that will help with his next contract negotiation. You know what they call that at Merriam-Webster? Leadership. Look it up.