Matthew McConoughey Is So Cool That He Made Me Realize That I Am A Nerd And That Is Okay

This fucking guy is so cool. That is all I could think of the entire time. I think if I could have one super power it would just be being McConaughey level cool. Like fuck flying or time travel. Just make me likable. Likable people can do anything. McConaughey is like 50 and can wear whatever he wants, say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants and know that it going to leave people saying "there goes that McConaughey, he's so fucking sweet". I have none of that. And...apparently that is okay. His quote here was perfect

“Here’s what’s cool: Being yourself and being cool with yourself. Not trying to be everything to everybody. I got no problems with nerds, I just don’t like dorks. A dork tries to be everything to everybody and you can’t really trust him. I know some nerds that are real cool. I know some very cool nerds. Give me an asshole before you give me a dork. At least with the asshole I know where you stand.” --MM

If being cool with yourself is cool well guess what...

Here is the problem though…nobody has ever said that I was cool even though I am CLEARLY pretty comfortable with putting myself and my nerd shit and picks out there. True to myself. No pandering. Still though…hard to say anything about me is "cool" in the traditional sense. So that is where McConaughey is wrong here. He's so cool that he can't know what cool is. It's almost like Michael Jordan trying to be a coach…it doesn't work because he was just too good. When McConaughey says "being cool with yourself is cool" he can only see it through his own lense. He is himself and he is just the coolest fucking guy on the planet. He could pick burrata salad and everyone would immediately be like "whoa, burrata is fucking cool". I pick it and I'm an idiot/nerd. That's just the way it works. He's always been cool, he only knows how to be cool, but I am glad he's cool with people like me who aren't cool. That's pretty cool too. 

PS: Dude…

“He had this mountain lion in this cage and I get up next to the cage and under the influences of peyote, I’m getting on the same frequency of this mountain lion and the mountain lion is getting on the same frequency as McConaughey. So now this mountain lion is up next to the gate and kind of sticking whiskers through and I’m scratching his under belly. So I get confident that me and this mountain lion are on the same frequency so I move over to the gate and enter so said cage. Mountain lion jumps around, I move very slowly making sure to stay on the same frequency. I got over to the corner, slowly sit down. For about an hour this mountain lion goes back and forth and slowly starts getting a little bit closer until he comes up next to me, getting next to my hand, wanting to get some more itches under his chin…an hour after that that son of a bitch is sitting in my lap purring.” on a wild experience he had after hiking with a shaman while on peyote

his life is just naturally way cooler than any character anyone could ever play.