Players In Today's NBA Simply Couldn't Compete With Dutch Dehnert aka Coach O aka Curly aka The Original Round Mound Of Rebounding

With all due respect to LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, Steph and the rest of the group of today's basketball there's simply no way you can get me to believe they would be able to compete with Dutch Dehnert. This picture has been going around Twitter the last day and I'm in complete awe. I like to consider myself a basketball historian. I spend way too much time watching old games, getting sucked down rabbit holes leading me to God knows what when it comes to hoops. But this is the first time I came across Henry G. 'Dutch' Dehnert and frankly I'm pissed it took this long. Look at these moves! 

But the best part might be his Hall of Fame (yeah, he's in the Hall of Fame) bio: 

Never a great shooter, Dehnert scored most of his points close to the basket.  He was known as a good passer and rebounder and as one of the best defensive players of his day.  At 6’1″, Dutch was a sturdy 210 pounds and was one of the first “big men” in the game to have such a strong defensive focus.

Not shocking ole Dutch couldn't shoot. But listing him as a 'sturdy' 210 pounds is straight up mean. That's the biggest backhanded compliment I've ever seen and it's the HALL OF FAME. I can't stop laughing at how outrageous that is. Dutch Dehnert, the original Zion. Think we all can agree no player in today's game would stand a chance scoring against Dutch Dehnert.