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Introducing the Bulgarian Actress Who Honey Trapped Rudy Giuliani in 'Borat 2.' A Star is Born.

KFC wrote about Rudy Giuliani's insistence that he didn't get taken in by Sacha Baron Cohen in the new Borat movie. And while you might disagree with Keith's premise that Giuliani is lying or you might accept his explanation that he was merely tucking his shirt in:

You might be pulling for this story to dominate the news cycle. Or you might be on Team Hunter Biden Email Scandal, which Rudy claims this is meant to distract us from. Either way, there are two parts of this story I think all reasonable people can agree on. 

1) Anytime a 76 year old career politician is on a bed with his hands down his pants and a hot blonde in the room, it's funny.

2) We need to know more about the hot blonde in the room. 

Daily Mail - The actress who honey-trapped Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani in the new Borat movie has been revealed to be a glamorous BLM-supporting 24-year-old from Bulgaria who was plucked from obscurity for the role.  

Maria Bakalova, who graduated from film school last year, has skyrocketed into the presidential campaign after it was revealed last night she duped Donald Trump's lieutenant Giuliani by pretending to be a conservative reporter. …

The actress has been launched to the forefront of the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with Giuliani already center stage since he revealed emails which appear to show Hunter Biden profited from his father's office. …

Little-known Bakalova, in the foothills of her Hollywood career, has followed in the footsteps of many A-list titans with Instagram posts in support of Black Lives Matter which feature among the raft of luxurious poolside selfies she has taken in LA.

She made a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show alongside Cohen on Tuesday night. 

And there you have it. The true takeaway from all this. It's not about who got caught in a compromising position or who set up whom or which presidential candidate-adjacent public figure is the most corrupt. It's about a star being born. Sacha Baron Cohen is about to do for Maria Bakalova what he did for the fat guy who played Azamat in the first Borat film. Turn her into America's newest sweetheart. 

Could Maria Bakalova's involvement in all this swing the election? Who knows for sure? Crazier things have happened in American politics. What we do know for sure it that, regardless of the outcome, one candidate will be gone, but Maria will be in our lives for a long time to come.