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Letterman's New Season Of 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction' Proves Once Again He Is, And Always Will Be, The GOAT

Jim Spellman. Getty Images.

So last night David Letterman dropped the third installment My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and to no one's surprise, it was awesome. This season features Kim Kardashian, Dave Chappelle, Robert Downey Jr. and Lizzo. I've only watched Kim Kardashian and Dave Chappelle so far, but that's all I needed to see to convince me of what I already knew- David Letterman is GOAT. It's as simple as that. There's no better interviewer, no better host, and arguably no more of an iconic TV personality than him. That's why he was on the air for 33 years and that's why he's able to get any guest he wants at the drop of a hat. 

Interviewing in general is always something that's fascinated me. It's also, ironically enough, something that I feel I'm naturally good at but in the past have lacked the confidence to truly pursue. Which is why I'm so excited about Out & About- because I finally can start tapping into a passion that I've previously put on the back burner in exchange for safer endeavors. 

Having said that, this show lit yet another fire under my ass to make my show the best it can possibly be. It's tough to find clips of it online because it's still so new, but here are a few that were floating around the internet…

The first one is my favorite…

I'm going to try and watch the other two interviews tonight and I suggest you do the same. Now here's a clip of the Fo Fighters playing Everlong set to a montage of iconic Letterman moments during his last ever show on CBS. Enjoy.