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Need Science More Than Ever: Kentucky's Coaches Are Blaming Plays Being Screwed Up Due To The OC's Glasses Fogging Up Because Of His Mask

Can we get America's top scientists on the phone or at least Andy Reid? We can't have Eddie Gran out here with fogged up glasses and being a reason plays are being screwed up. Can't risk it. We're already walking a fine line at 2-2 with the refs hosing us against Auburn and kickers missing extra points against Ole Miss. Not with the schedule coming up with Georgia, Alabama and Florida still out there. All I know is if they can fix Andy Reid from this? They can fix Eddie Gran. 

I'm not exactly sure how glasses work since I have perfect vision, but there's gotta be a solution here. Maybe the solution is just playing Tennessee? Fogged up glasses and still kicking their ass works. I don't know, but we gotta get someone smarter than me on the phone to fix this. First we get the glasses fixed, then we get the receivers to hold on to the ball, then we get the khaki pants. 

Oh and if you don't think I'm using this as a crutch for the early season losses you're insane? Pretty clear the glasses fogged up when AJ Rose fumbled on the 1 against Ole Miss. Pretty clear to blame the fogged glasses when he called a Terry Wilson roll out pass from the 1 against Auburn. Love the spin here.