Somebody Better Make It Thunderstorm For This Stripper Sloth

This sloth deserves a THUNDERSTORM of epic proportions.  I'm talking more than the rainy season in the rainforests it is native to.  Look at those seductive moves.  It's twerkin and werkin like you dream about.  The girl singing in the background is being a little too flippant for the situation if you ask me.  Like she sounded more like she was laughing at this hard working sloth than I'd like and that is not cool.  This sloth is out here poppin that thang during a Pandemic to feet its sloth family, the least you could do is avalanche some 1's on it for the effort. This is the type of shit I'm talking about.

Where the heck is this sloth even stripping at anyways?  This looks like some sort of broke ass tourist restaurant or something.  The harsh truth is that this sloth needs a new agent.  Its using up too much effort for not enough dough.  We gotta find it a premiere spot at a sloths only club where its going to be appreciated for the sex pistol that it is.