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It Is Truly Remarkable That Pistol Pete Maravich Did Not Obliterate His Testicles In This Video

Ah yes, two of my favorite Celtics legends (what, Pistol Pete's 26 games as a Celtic in 1979 count). I could watch Red Auerbach talk basketball for hours, his instructional videos are pure gold. 

and you bet your ass I'm interested in watching prime Pistol Pete do ball handling drills. Only one of the best handles in NBA history, read a book for me one time. I mean what was even going on in that video? How is that humanly possible? I kept waiting for the part where Pistol Pete smashed his testicles to smithereens. You know how many kids probably saw this video way back when and went into their driveway only to destroy their twig and berries? I'd say no fewer than 95% of them. It might not seem all that impressive to you, well I say go and try it at that same speed. I bet you'll think differently when your balls are turned to dust.

When I was growing up, Papa Greenie wouldn't shut the hell up about Pistol Pete Maravich. He's for sure one of the players I wish I got to see play while in his prime. There was nothing like him back then, and a lot of what we see in the league now is because of what he did in the 70s. You want to talk about iconic players in NBA history, Pistol Pete is without a doubt one of them.