Oh, You Just HATE To See This: We Now Have A Tennessee News Anchor Losing His Shit About Jarrett Guarantano Still Playing Quarterback

Tennessee is really the gift that keeps on giving. It's like they think they are still a national power or something like that. Instead they have a quarterback who turns the ball over and over and over and over and that was just to Kentucky. But really it just shows how hilarious local news and radio is. We've had some GEMS after Kentucky kicked Tennessee's ass. It started with the guy who threw beer bottles through his windows and his wife left him 

Then you had this family being recorded: 

And now you have a news anchor losing his mind with Jarrett Guarantano. You just LOVE to see it. The entire state is falling apart because of losses to Georgia and Kentucky. People calling it the worst loss in school history, which is just another hilarious way to view how delusional this fanbase is. 

How bad is Tennessee at recruiting and developing if they can't find someone better than Guarantano the last 5 years? Oh well. Let's all just sit back and laugh our ass off at them.