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Reminder From President Trump: Dr. Fauci Has A "Bad Arm!"

This ain't a political blog. Yes, the electorate should prolly hold our president to a higher standard, and my one take away from these two tweets shouldn't be me laughing at our president calling out an infectious disease expert for having a worse arm than the Saugus Rocket, but that's not really my choice. I can't help that I laughed out loud when I read the "Bad arm!" end to the tweet.

Absolutely hilarious. Funny is funny. 

Here's the first pitch for those who have lived in a storm bunker without access to the internet for the last 6 months or whatever: 

Giphy Images.

Our president can't have it and won't have it. Nor will I, a speed pitch champion and extraordinaire. PS - President Trump shouldn't be throwing stones at glass houses or however that phrase goes