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Did Aaron Rodgers Get Hurt Trying To Score vs. Tampa Bay? (VIDEO)

Aaron Rodgers started off hot in the 1st quarter vs. Tampa Bay. He was 12/16 for 118 yards and the Packers were driving for what would be their first touchdown of the game. But in trying to score that tudder, Rodgers dove head first across the goalline and took a vicious shot to the ribs/kidney area of the left side of his body by rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. Rodgers seemed ok and even did the Hingle McCringleberry celebration after what was ruled a score on the field (but was overturned).

The Packers scored on the next play with Aaron Jones cashing in from one yard out, but Rodgers numbers went off the deep end after the hit. He went 4/19 for 42 yards after that play. 

A report didn't come out that Rodgers was injured, so maybe it indeed was nothing. After that touchdown to put the Packers up 10-0, one of Barstool's Packers fans, Hubbs asked me to surrender, to which I replied "I shant".

At the very same time, Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles told the team they were respecting the Packers offense too much and the game turned on a Jamel Dean pick six. Rodgers threw it to the good guys one more time and the route was on. The Packers are a good team and the Bucs embarrassed them. Are we a good team too? It's starting to look like it. Did Hubbs cost the Packers the game? Almost certainly. However you slice it, it's officially Victory Monday, celebrate in style with me.

Oh, and I fixed that Aaron Rodgers TD celly: