Does The INCREDIBLE #ButtInterception Wipe The #ButtFumble Stink Off Of The Jets Franchise?

Does this:

Overrule this:


NOPE! Not even close.

Absolutely incredible play by Marcus Maye though. I admittedly don't know about him but he seems like a hell of a player based on that one play and the C on his jersey. I can't wait to see how the Jets completely sabotage their relationship with him before trading/cutting him down the road. I'm not even trying to be a dick when I say that either. I'm a Mets fan that shares the "ets" pox with all those Jets fan and knows how things like usually go with those franchises and talented players (Also see: Adams, Jamal and Bell, Le'Veon).

I honestly can't believe that there are some Giants fans who think their team could outtank this Jets team. Gang Green is built different for the Tank For Trevor movement. I don't know if you can even call it a tank. It's one of those big ass spaceships from Independence Day.

Giphy Images.

Best gif ever. #FuckEmpy

Hang in there Jets fans, hopefully the organization puts someone competent at coach, you get Trevor, and/or Uncle Stevie buys the team. My team is by no means good right now but this shit is tough to watch as one of the two 4 pm games.