The Browns Have Pulled Baker Mayfield And Put In Case Keenum

Don Wright. Shutterstock Images.

2 interceptions. 4 sacks. And we're down 31-7. The Browns have finally pulled Baker Mayfield. And they absolutely had to do it. He has been nothing short of AWFUL this afternoon. And don't tell me after this game that his ribs were hurt. He chose to play today and if the score were reversed, he wouldn't be coming out right now with hurt ribs. 

Let's just hope this is more of a wakeup call and not the beginning of the next member of the QB carousel. He's our franchise QB and we need to stick with him. The Browns are 4-1 (about to be 4-2). Let Case Keenum finish off this ass beating and let's get Baker ready for the next one. 

I'm interested to see how Stefanski handles this post game press conference. Does he immediately say Baker is our QB or does he leave the door open? Whatever he does, just please don't blame on it on the ribs. LeBron would come out in a back brace after this one, but Baker needs to come out and face the music. He played like shit. No excuses.