"I Want To Drive The Zamboni" Taking You Into The Weekend

I think we can all agree that the biggest legend of the week was this beauty who went above and beyond the call of duty to drive a Zamboni engulfed in flames off the ice and into the parking lot so the entire rink didn't get royally fucked. 

I mean what a play by that guy, eh? Balls of steel on that man. Dude was resurfacing ice with the devil and didn't even flinch. He knew he had a job to do and he got it done. That's what being a Zamboni driver is all about. So to pay my respects to him and the rest of Zamboni operators everywhere, I figured this was a great track to head into the weekend with. Blows my mind how this song doesn't constantly live at the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 list. 

Have yourselves a weekend, boys and girls. You've earned it.